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FOX Business
Apr 18, 2013 11:00am EDT
in venezuela continues following the presidential election. will instability jack up the price of oil? katherine from bulltick capital markets joins melissa and lori in the 1 p.m. hour of "markets now" to discuss. cheryl: all right, mgm spending a million bucks to bring a new york vibe to vegas. that's up in the "west coast minute." dennis: amazon jumping into the tv game. first, a look at today's s&p's winners and losers. ♪ @ ourselves in a large. we take a closer look at the auto sector. the kings in sacramento. california business making an offer to buy the team coming kevin na west coast minute. lights, camera, amazon. jeff raise us a tv producer, that is ahead in the media minute. stocks every 15 minutes, nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange continuing to watch apple which continues to sit below $400 a share. nicole: so many people love apple, love the technology, love all their products and yet this is a stock over $700 and right now at $3.94, a couple things to know. we start with what is that over this period of time. this is the yearly, all you see is g
FOX News
Apr 16, 2013 6:00am EDT
determination. >> brian: we know in 1775, elections in concorde. we know it's a true international event and we know it culminates right there, so they get maximum bang for their dollar. here is the thing, you have two separate lawmakers, one is peter king, a specialization of homeland security, said these are the hallmark of al-qaeda. you're not willing to go there yet. >> no. these are basically the methods of al-qaeda. all i need is one indicator, the identity of a perpetrator, a video, a press release. otherwise this could also be used by other type of terrorists. i would feel that this is how al-qaeda operates, but i don't have that one determining element that would be the i.d. of that person. >> brian: this would be an enormous success for them had they pulled this off, had they been behind this. how do they view what happened so far? >> well, even if we don't know who that is, if it's domestic or international, you already have sources on-line in the middle east by jihaddists who are very happy that something bad happened to the united states. if indeed we go the route of al-qaeda or th
Apr 22, 2013 12:00pm EDT
election. my second all the system manages a construction company. thedoes not qualify for department of homeland's security initiative for deferred action of childhood arrival because she is over the age of 30. however, the dream act provisions will provide her a permanent path fwa carounger brother has a washing business. last month, at age of 27, he was able to get a driver's license. however, this is not a permanent solution. last, i am the wife of a venezuelan of cuban descent to as lived in the united states for 26 years. miraculously last year,ft 18 years of waiting, he is able to obtain his permanent legal residents. the system shows how is outdated and in desperate need of modernization. my family is not alone. the co-director of get equal asked me to join on a campaign to seek immigration reform. i knew to put an end to the separation of families, heal the hurt and pain in our community, we needed to peacefully demonstrate our lack of immigration status. 2010 i began the trail of dreams, a walk from miami to washington dc. we wanted to show our love for this country, which w
Apr 16, 2013 1:00am EDT
time. in that in november when president elect came up here to washington to meet with president obama, shortly before his inaugural. it was a successful meeting. it is telling about the relationship between u.s. and mexico that the president is traveling to mexico in may to meet again with the president to discuss a broad range of issues. the second reason it is timely is because on the american side, we have not seen the policy environment the so conducive to dealing with the key issues between the u.s. and mexico. is hot andtion bill heavy, front and center. ginsburg indid espagnole. shows, toe sunday talk about immigration. the gang of eight is hard at work on that. guns, u.s.-mexico relations. i think the guns may come out not quite as favorable to mexico's longstanding positions as the immigration debate might. i would take a 14 two. we will be in good shape. the third is trade. states, nowunited japan, canada, are linked in the trans-pacific partnership talks. talks with many of our key trading allies across the pacific. many of us view it as a chance. into thebring nafta 21st c
Apr 16, 2013 6:00am EDT
and governor christie. three days before election day was an absolute and talk to the people that had their homes destroyed or the communities destroyed. due to the extreme weather events. look at the reports on china on january and february. one example just to give you a visual, the melting of the arctic sea ice in my part of the world, a consequence that 180,000 froze to death out in the field in china. so whether we call the climate change or not, that political concept which is a negative connotation the i think the and the consequences of the ice melting is extreme weathers in the united states and china this is the overwhelming scientific evidence to conclude, to prove not just from the chinese but also from your universities and research institutes in the united states. so we can have all parents of the about climate a scientifically proven relationship. the melting of the arctic sea ice has come we have consequences within a few months, not 10 or 20 years in the future but within a few months. and in other parts of the world. and, therefore, that should be in my opinion a suf
Apr 16, 2013 9:00am EDT
in the quarter market sentiment was mixed as political uncertainty began to resurface. the italian election added further complexity to the european outlook. >> and then concerns about the budget and sequestration. >> is that the theme of all the budgets? >>, certainly there's been the idea of the corns on the consumer. the concerns about the budget. that colors what people are deciding in the c-suite. we've been hearing that from a number of the banks. whether it be concerns about the budget or the debt ceiling, it's one of these issues. >> and all of these come as the banks are performing very well. if you want to know whether they are safer, if they are better businesses compared to a year ago, that's another question, right, mary? >> take a look at the revenue. a number of banks would argue, yes, we are safer. but as far as revenue goes, this is speaks to how the businesses are performing. really the growth on the revenue front isn't there. it's either down or very slight increases in revenue growth. you are seeing improvement in profitability as these companies continue to cut costs. they're
Apr 17, 2013 3:00am PDT
a politics of fearfulness of our elected leaders who will not stand up. this isn't the only interest group that holds such power but the only interest group that has such power over life and death. >> if you could put the names and the faces of the democrats and the republicans in question up. seriously. are they afraid at this point? what are they afraid of? wizard of oz? >> harold, you ran statewide in tennessee. would you have a problem running in tennessee saying you want to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists? since al qaeda on the fbi most wanted list are out there saying, go buy guns in america and kill american citizens are act of terror. what are you waiting for, he says, because they don't have a good background check system. >> that might be one of my response if i had one of those ads running against me. i think steve has captured what the members of congress and senators are thinking who have expressed a lack of support for the bill. joe, you recall my record when i ran for the senate in tennessee was resemble what was ran against me. to protect yourself and protect your
Apr 17, 2013 9:00am EDT
in mind some geopolitical problems. venezuela had an ugly election and aftermath, but still, i think there's more downside in the cards. >> you talked about $77 and the violent move that we saw last year just around this time. do you see that as the support level and the futures right now? >> it's a level i definitely will look at. we went from mid-90s all of the way down to the 77 level and we're right in the middle of that again and let's see where we'll settle and we have to stay bearish until we can settle there. >> ray carbone on the floor. i'll send it back to you, carl. >> i'll pick it up. it's not just the commodities that are suffering today and we have another major leg down after monday's route. notice how technology is also taking a lot of the burden on the downside today. all of those major indices in the red. our next guest says it is a mistake to get to bearish here. he thinks stocks are headed higher. let's bring in chief investment strategist. welcome to the program. nice to see you. >> pleasure. >> it kind of feels as if something's changed this week for many of us down h
Apr 16, 2013 3:00am PDT
in the last election was they can no longer take such an extremist approach to issues of immigration. >> bill: as somebody put it, it will happen because democrats want it and republicans need it. >> that's right. think about the political distance we've traveled in such a short period of time. we've gone from november where the republican presidential candidate said he would veto the dream act right? it would allow young people the opportunity to work toward citizenship. >> bill: where he was talking about self-deportation. >> here we are. you know, eight months later. where we're talking about the possibility of a bipartisan immigration reform bill. so let's just keep the momentum moving. it is really going to be important that people be engaged this issue. >> bill: is there the same willingness to cooperate and maybe hammer out a compromise agreement on immigration reform in the house as we've seen in the senate? >> well, interestingly, there is a bipartisan group in the house that has also been negotiating immigration reform. that being said, in the house you also have a much stronger res
Apr 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
the last election, wall street ceos go to washington and have a meeting with the president. they come back and they would whisper, he doesn't get us, he doesn't like us, this is miserable, this is awful. has anything changed meaningfully in terms of the relationship and the way you think the president and wall street are approaching each other? >> i'll speak for our side. i can't speak for the president of the united states. but i would say this last meeting we had with the president a few days ago was constructive. the members of the financial service this morning made it very clear that we want to play a role in 3406g the economy forward and having a set of conditions in our capital market that would add to lending. and putting people back to work. >> how about in the way he's approaching it, meaning people would come back and say, andrew, it's lip service is. very happy to walk into the white house, but great, a big nothing. >> i would say there has been a lot more outreach on the part of this administration towards the business community in general and the financial sector. and we've b
Apr 18, 2013 10:00am EDT
. rogers for coming together. that's what we are elected to do, to come together in a bipartisan way and deal with difficult issues. they were difficult issues, but we are here today to all support this amendment. the white house and the privacy groups raise this as one of the main issues with the bill. these groups are concerned that there was an impression, wrongly, that the military would control the program. this was never the case, but we heard these concerns and we are addressing them in this amendment. it means that companies sharing information about cyberthreats will go to the department of homeland security, a civilian agency. if the information is related to cybersecurity crime, the companies will go to the department of justice, another civilian agency. the amendment requires that the department of homeland security share this information with other government agencies in real time so they can use it to protect against future cyberthreats and attacks. the amendment ensures we protect the security of our nation, but also protect the privacy and liberties of our country and
Apr 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
the courage to petition their elected leaders. not just to honor the memory of their children but to protect the lives of all of our children. 90 percent of democrats in the senate voted for the idea. it is not going to happen. >> congresswoman gabrielle gifford was seriously injured by gun violence was by the president cited quotas being. the measure did not pass. she accused the opposing senators of cowardice. the final vote tally 54 to 46. the probe was part of a compromise struck by democratic and republican senator. the filibuster requires 60 votes. the bill backed by president obama called face fierce opposition from the national rifle association. a ban on assault weapons also failed along with a bid to block the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. >> new details on the ricin letter sent to president obama. as an official says the lab tests confirmed the letter's into mississippi senator roger wicker did contain the deadly substance rycin . and that more tests are expected. meantime, an arrest is made in the case. federal agents arrested 45 year-old paul kevin curtis of mississipp
Apr 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
brother, the 26-year-old was a registered voter, and had voted in elections the last couple of years. >> stephanie: interesting. eric holder yesterday. >> i want to assure you, the citizens of boston and all americans that we are working tirelessly to determine who was responsible for this incident. >> stephanie: and as you were saying david again is this indicative at all of a larger organization or just another guy, this unnamed suspect? >> yeah that's one of the things, if they can take the younger brother alive is it possible these were just a couple of knuckle heads acting on their own because of their perverted belief about islam, or did they get sophisticated help? and these are all of the reasons that police have literally thousands of agents tracking down every family and friend of these two brothers just so see what are the sections that they have had, did they get any help and where did the help come from? >> james clapper yesterday. >> we don't know yet whether the attack was planned and executed by a terrorist organization, foreign or domestic or if
FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
only one, has elected to us ao improper he viced exemploys -- improvised explosives devices, probably homemade as a tactic. they are using to attack the marathon and using it to protect themselves and may have had other devices designed intended for other attacks. you don't want to suppose those things, because there is an ongoing investigation and we need to let the law enforcement folks and ausa work through that. you realize that explosive devices and their manufacture was a primary tactic and they had that knowledge from somewhere. jenna: thank you so much. appreciate the experience. part of dhs, bomb prevention, great to have you on the program. jon: we are awaiting that news conference from the mas mass state police -- massachusetts state police. it has been delayed. we will take you there live and get the latest information when it does take place. what an incredible 18 and a half hours it has been since 5:00pm last night when the fbi released the photos of two white males. later they had the dent flyings, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev -- identification, 19-year-old dzhokhar ts
Apr 21, 2013 9:00am PDT
, but you've heard some gop elected officials, they would like to see tsarnaev tried as one. so your thoughts on that? >> i don't think that that's going to happen. the obama administration has been clear, they're distancing themselves from that concept. you've got an american citizen. we don't have dzhokhar going abroad in training. his brother apparently did. but dzhokhar didn't. and dzhokhar is going to be tried as an individual on his own right. so i think the chances of this ending up as an enemy combatant are very small. >> but you've heard that because of high security concerns they would like to question him for a period of time, albeit briefly, before mirandizing him and reading him his rights. how long can they do that? how far can they go with those questions? >> well, that's a very good question. because the longer we go, the less likely there is that there's a public security issue here. one thing that the defense will certainly raise is the remarks of the police chief of watertown in which he said these are the only two guys, we're done. now the argument from the govern
Apr 22, 2013 6:00am EDT
reluctantly been elected to a second term, but markets are xwrpting this for the positive. it means for the meantime monte will be continuing with the reforms. the quote of the morning was coming from the head of the italian bill group who said italy is not belgium, referring to bull gem's long period without a government. nevertheless, italy doing well this morning and interestingly enough, entertain is, as well. these are higher than internal and sterns targets and market completely shrugging it off. spanish debt even rallying. we're now that 4.5% market for italy. we've seen significant rallies continue here. the sense of liquidity, perhaps, boosting equities across the continent. equities said to be quite cheap relative to markets. if you wanted a fly in the ointment today, it would probably be what's happening over here with copper. down 0.4%. there's been a lot of discussion about whether this is a bellwether, whether this is a story about china flowing while the rest powers ahead. but you can see the fact that it's down now, 0.5% remains below that 320 mark. still has a lot o
Apr 23, 2013 6:00am EDT
been one where there has been a lot of uncertainty. part of that by our election and the changing government in china. and part of it uncertainty by what's going on in europe. as these things settle out. as china gets more secure in its path forward based on government change, as we continue to make progress in this country towards our issues, i think you will see that confidence build. industrial production only 1% in the first quarter. it's predicted to be 2.5% of the year. auto builds down 1% in the u.s. i'm sorry. down 1% in the world in the first quarter. supposed to be up 2% for the year. so i think there's a belief that 2013 is going to strengthen with each quarter as we go through it. >> ellen, thank you very much for joining us today. >> great. it's a pleasure. thank you, becky. >>> when we come back, apple trying to turn things around after a tough winter. up next, we will get a preview from analyst paul meeks. revolutionizing an industry can be a tough act to follow, but at xerox we've embraced a new role. working behind the scenes to provide companies with services...
Apr 23, 2013 7:00am EDT
the country want to elect this president and want to get his agenda to help this country. host: we will take a look at the prospects for gun control later on this morning. let's go to virginia, the independent line. caller: i just wanted to say that immigration has long been overdue, and we should not have any reason to put it off any more than we have. fromnot see the connection boston to immigration. you can never stop anybody that is wanting to do harm. the same thing in connecticut, the newtown shootings, anything like that. it is sporadic, no matter how much legislation you have, over immigration, gun control, anything like that. i do not think we can afford to put it off any longer in what we are ready have. tom in michigan, republican. amler: good morning, i calling on the immigration thing. i had not followed it as closely as i should have in the papers the last couple of months, but let's speed up- the immigration reform process. legislation passed that will limit where immigrants come from in terms of what they are going to do. these guys that perpetrated this we have yetoston -- t
Apr 23, 2013 9:00am EDT
. not going to run for re-election next time around. that throws open a washington game of musical chairs here as to who will get the gavel. they are so involved in writing tax policy in the country. looking at the list, you see senator rockefeller will be in line. he already said that he's retiring. so ron widen, a democrat from oregon state would be the guy in line here. he is a more liberal senator. he recently participated in the filibuster on drones. a roguish personality here. it's not a guarantee he will be the guy who gets the chairmanship. somebody else more senior from another committee could bump him. >> thanks. the market is surging today. we will show you how you may want to play this rally here. first rick santelli is going to talk housing in the show. rick? >> absolutely. there was never much talk about reforming the gse like freddie and fannie when they were losing money. there's a lot less talk about it now that they are starting to make some money. we have dr. anthony sand ers on and he will talk about that and who may replace ed demarco. you see him every first friday on cnb
Apr 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
when you did that on election night. >> stephanie: yeah, i broke current. >> you are the one who broke current. >> stephanie: sorry. you could have asked oprah, i broke oxygen. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: do your research. okay. the two brothers suspected of the bombing in boston do not appear to be connected to any religious terrorist groups. and this is kind of chilling that they were outlining the evidence in the court papers. he was seen on surveillance cameras putting the knapsack down then manipulating the cell phone, seconds later the first explosion went off about a block down the street. and you could see him on the tape unlike anyone around him, was calm and just quickly walked away. the crime that lead to the older brother's death and capture, one of the brothers told the carjacking victims, did you hear about the boston explosion? i did that. this is the guy who claims to have been carjacked -- he said they spared him because he wasn't american. the brothers declared they were the boston marathon bombers. they were speaking in foreign language, and
Apr 23, 2013 10:00am EDT
who became secretary of state. a special election will be later. the debate is just under an hour. >> gentlemen, last week we had a terrible reminder of our vulnerability to a terrorist attack. as a senator, what specific changes would you pursue in our domestic and foreign policies o make us safer? >> first, i want to thank you for hosting this debate. i also want to thank my colleague, ed markey, for being here as well. before we begin, i just want to offer my condolences to all the families of all the victims and offer my thanks to the first responders, to the docs, nurses, to our citizens who i think behaved so valiantly in such a compassionate way during this past week. it's been a long week. again, my thoughts and prayers are with all those who are recovering. in terms of what i would do, i would continue to do what i have been doing on homeland security issues. i think one of the stark differences between myself and mr. markey is our voting record on homeland security. i think one of the great parts of what happened this week in terms of the rescue and the coordination and
Apr 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
. this will be elected to are window for $10. let's say that you order your note apple iphone and you won the delivered from 5 to 7 and you will not miss it. you can't pay $5 and reschedule the delivery date or the location. this is just a another way for them to make money and fedex is a huge technology company. >> you can catch rob black as well as on our 24-7 web channel. >> we are focusing on the weather. we're looking for warm temperatures but the wind is keeping things not as hot. we are watching the weather with kron 4 jackie sissel was flawed and the marin headlands this morning. >> i am not sure if this is just in this area or all around. it is beautiful outside but the wind does is up to about 15 to 20 mi. per hour. you start to see the fog roll in and obviously the temperature is one to draw. it will be cooler today that was yesterday. >> we do have a pretty cool down coming up. >> here is a live look outside at our mount cam tam. we do have a breezy conditions. this is especially for the north bay east bay hills. it will definitely be breezy conditions and we are seen fog for half moon bay.
Apr 23, 2013 5:00pm EDT
states if collecting their taxes where they don't elect the representatives there where they don't rely on the roads there or the services there. and hear we have it the ultimate taxation without representation. i would say to my conservative colleagues why would you want to support such authority given by the federal government? supporters of the amendment argue they great an exemption for small business of $1 million for small sellers. but this amount is not indexed to anything. what about the business that is a million and one in sales? then they have to do it. it's doing discourages businesses from growing and also this limit is far lower than the sba, the small business administration that defines a small business. even with the exemptions, trust me, once the exemption is in place, and the states don't get all the revenue they want. they'll be back. they will be back before this body to say we didn't get enough money so you need authorize us for further. get rid of the exemption. we have a right to collect from the businesses as well. have them collect from us as well. that's what
FOX Business
Apr 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
carolina the ability to have solid elections. he prosecutes or tries to prosecute antiabortion abortion cases, and he's laughed out of court. there's the black panthers intimidating voters, and he says i'm not going to prosecute you. >> okay. how does a guy like this who, like, where i come from, we call him a dirt bag, how does he become the labor secretary nominee? >> look at the cabinet so far. >> full of them. >> chuck hagel, basically incompetent, jack lew, on top of the citi group that blew up in the tax crisis, tax shelters in the cayman's, basically made money off political connections, and now tom perez hailed as a civil rights hero, but marlin luther king would be turning over in his grave. >> i know i screwed up along the way, and since you, thomas perez, are now, i won't look if you won't look, is that what we're saying? >> basically, the democrats hail him as a civil rights hero saying he's good he denied the supreme court prief lemings, and republicans who want now to court the minority vote are averting eyes. >> why? why is this happening? >> the senate is to give advice
Apr 17, 2013 7:00am PDT
month. two days after a special election for state congressional seat. sanford's political career was sidelined in 2009 after he confessed to an extramarital affair. >>> and best actress nominee wallace had quite a time after last weekend's mtv movie awards. look. the 9-year-old star got into a dance-off with a fellow young partygoer. okay. there's the snake. >> oh, oh. >> you win when you break out the splits. >> that's not fair. >> oh, but she's coming back. okay. okay. pop it. pop it. swing that. pop, pop. i don't know. dust her off. that was some kind of chicken thing. i don't know. >> some kind of chicken thing. >> wait, i love this. this kid is like, i am not giving up. >> what's going on there? >> this may get ugly now. >> it is 13 minutes after the hour. now bust a move because you've been up to -- you got it? you got moves for me? >> not like that. >> get it off the shoulder but that is about as far as i go. >> thanks, a ron. >>> how about a check of the weather? >> i did that split move. >> your pants. not the same. >> completely. it took about a week of that to get back
Apr 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, mark pryor of arkansas who is up for re-election next year, of alaska. aggage toomey went so far as to propose exempting rural residents who don't live within a convenient driving distance of a gun dealer from the expanded background checks proposal. but baggage said yesterday that that is not going to seal the deal for them, for him. >> all right. so, senator jeff flake said, because is he friends, close friends with the former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, who was on capitol hill yesterday talking to senators, trying to persuade them to vote, and set back came when senator jeff flake posted on his facebook page that he was going to be a no vote. is there an alternative to march and toomey? some were talking about senator tomko burn's language, his amendment. guest: yes. and that is, at this point that may be the most likely alternative. of course, the language in the bill is the original schumer language which was scaled back by the proposal. what senator coburn is proposing is that, basically, gun buyers would be allowed to perform a background check on themselves. they w
Apr 21, 2013 10:30am EDT
close to one final point to my americans who share the belief in free enterprise who elected me. america is a nation of immigrants but republicans and democrats have failed to enforce the laws. we're not going to deport them. so let's secure the border. let's bring these people out to of the shadows. they will undergo a background check, they will pay a fine, they will start paying taxings. they won't qualify for federal benefits. we all wish we did not have this problem but we do. leaving things the way they are, that is the real amnesty. we have to fix it. [speaking spanish] thank you. [applause] >> i thought i might go last to allow me to say i agree with everything that was said and sit down but jeff you're going to get that honor. i want to thank my colleagues up here showing me that the senate can work. -- how the senate can work. it is going to take more for us to get this bill passed and it is incredibly impoortant for people of my state. the leadership of mccain and schumer throughout this process has been outstanding. it is everything i wish i could have seen from the first day
FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 3:00am PDT
president-elect obama would not sign up for the group back -- i probably would not sign up for the back flip. they asked me to host and then judge, which i'm not really sure why. >> steve: were you having a bad day? >> i don't know. i'm hanging with you guys. >> gretchen: you have another bay watch former friend and colleague who is on the show. >> people are getting injured all the time. for me, i was not a right fit. >> gretchen: how did this change your perspective on hollywood, your accident? >> i think my perspective on hollywood has always been the same. but i think it reinforced just in life to continue to hold on to that dead bed perspective and really -- >> brian: what about revenge? >> a fun role for me, an evil character which is always great. but justified by her love and loyalty toward her sister. >> brian: can we see a little bit of it? yes we can. >> you're being punished, michael. you've been a very bad boy. >> i told you that it was a mistake. what the (bleep) do you want from me? >> you were on the right track. i want money. but i want $75,000. >> are you read? >> i want it
Apr 17, 2013 12:00pm EDT
president george w. bush was elected, he expanded the program with project safe neighborhoods, focused the saoeupl -- same. unfortunately, under the current administration, this has not been a priority. indeed, firearms cases, prosecutions have dropped 30% in the obama justice department. all of us are united in wanting to stop violent crime, and in particular stop violent crime with firearms. i would suggest the most effective way to do so is ensure that we are prosecuting violent criminals who use firearms. and for that reason, this amendment creates a national project exile that would in particular focus on the 15 jurisdictions with the highest violent crime rates and three tribal jurisdictions with the highest crime rates. and it would devote $45 million -- $15 million a year for three years -- for more assistant u.s. attorneys and agents to pros violent gun crimes. to target exactly who we want to target: violent criminals. a third element -- and i would note as well, actually before we get to the third element, i would note as well that this legislation also includes new language
Apr 20, 2013 3:30pm PDT
election by winning about 51% of the votes. his victory was slim with only a 2% margin against the opposition candidate. the new president said he will follow chavez' anti-u.s. policy. he promised to support the poor, and he said he will work for further development and peace in the country. his speech was interrupted when a man jumped onto the stage. he managed to push maduro away from the microphone, but the president was not injured. opposition party members have not yet acknowledged election results. they say there was voter intimidation and voting obstructions across the country. several fatal clashes have occurred between supporters of the ruling and opposition parties since the election. >>> toyota motor is setting its sights on the u.s. luxury market. company executives have announced they'll start producing lexus cars in the united states in 2015. it will be the first time for toyota to manufacture the lexus in the u.s. toyota president akio toyoda unveiled the plan in new york on friday. >> translator: the popular lexus es 350 sedan in the united states on a new dedic
Apr 21, 2013 2:35am EDT
the closing benediction, when the first american of african descent became the highest elected official in the world, the leader of the free world. he said, and i quote, when will words become deeds that meet both needs? that's why we are here. [applause] >> i want to start off by thanking all of you who have participated in the 15th annual national convention. it has an great showing. our members of supporters have in house. we thank you for being with us [applause] and of course, i always like to give props to reverend al sharpton for allowing some of us young folks to lead within the civil rights movement and do what we are passionate about. [applause] you have heard from mark and roslyn, the challenges we're facing.atistics of what is happg in our community area we understand that community of color and urban communities are on fire. we have been dealing specifically with voting rights over the last year, and we have seen that our people have really answered the call to be present, stand up and fight back against voter suppression. as we look at what is now happening in the courts
Apr 17, 2013 11:30am PDT
will take comments on matters on this agenda. any other general public comment? >> seeing none. election of viep president and vice-president. >> may i start. i think this past year with president mccarthy and vice-president mar, we have been working very well together. i would like to renominate commissioner mccarthy as president and commissioner mar as vice-president. >> i would second that. >> i think the year has gone really well. i think it's good leadership. >> do we have to do the item separately? it's up to you. >> would you like to vote on the items together? >> one vote. >> okay. >> is there any public comment on the motion to reelect president mccarthy and vice-president mar? there is no public comment. we'll do a roll call vote. president mccarthy, aye, mar, yes, clinch, yes, lee, yes, mccray, yes, melgar, the motion carries, congratulations to both of you. [ applause ] . >> item five directors report update on dbi's finances. >> good morning. deputy director administrator services. i wanted to give you an update on our finances. right now we are projecting a balance at the
Apr 17, 2013 5:00pm EDT
that you are disappointed and if they don't act this time you will remember come election time. to the wide majority of nra households who supported this legislation you need to let your leadership and lobbyists in washington know they didn't represent your views on this one. the point is those who care deeply about preventing more and more gun violence will have to be as passionate and is organized and his vocal as those who blocked it -- the commonsense steps to help keep our children safe. ultimately you outnumbered those who argue the other way but they are better organized and they are better financed. they have been at it longer, and they make sure that they focus on this one issue during election and that is the reason why you can pass something that 90% of americans support and you can't get it through the senate or the house of representatives. to change washington used the american people are going to have to sustain some passion about this. when necessary you have to send the right people to washington and that requires strength and requires persistence and that's the one thing t
Apr 22, 2013 1:00am EDT
governor of new york totally arrogant it's the election everybody predicted he would win a landslide you have the famous photo of truman holding up the paper headline at the election that says he wins. no one likes you. they think you are a smarty pants and he said the next time you go on and you are photographed do that with your words, get your words wrong, get mustard and make sure you stay in your tie with mustard. more importantly, murphy, who was also an officerd aothprhis . everything that he did that we know about whether it's the democrats, his use of the media everything he did he learn from george murphy but he did a much better. they took the media even a step further showing that you could use 247 entertainment media which most people pushed aside as insignificant and he said was really important is people that are bored with politics which are more than 50% of the electorate and presidential elections and something like 60 to 70% of the gubernatorial elections don't care about politics but if i go on these entertainment shows and the reason they don'tare about politics acco
Apr 18, 2013 9:00am EDT
, the votes that were cast. votes have consequences just as elections do, and the people of america will remember our job now is to raise awareness, spread the rage that we feel, raise the rage and organize and enable and empower citizens to be heard and heeded by this body, whether in the next election or before then, and my hope is that it will be before then because we must act before the next election, and that action is an opportunity, a historic moment that we must seize. not everyone in this body turned its back on the victims of newtown or on this cause yesterday, and there were genuine profiles in courage on this floor in this body. first and foremost, senator manchin who led the fight on background checks and forged a compromise that should have won the day. and republicans who chose to buck their own leadership and follow their hearts and consciences, senators mccain, collins, kirk and toomey. the american people will thank you. and there are democrats who took some tough votes. tough votes particularly for their states. and i want to thank senators hagan, casey, landrieu
Apr 16, 2013 12:00pm EDT
call upon for advice on how as an elected official to deal with a tragedy of this mag tiewtd. i could call my friends in arizona, or i could call my friends in colorado or call up my new colleague governor kaine from virginia. there were too many places to turn. and it had happened to us in connecticut in the place that we never, ever thought would be subject to gun violence. and so we're finally after this tipping point having a debate about what we can do. and through all of the back-and-forth this week and last about whether we would have a vote on this floor, could brie wee overcome a filibuster, could we come to a ties comiez on background checks, would we add to that high-capacity magazines, underneath it all are these thousands of victims, little girls and boys in newtown but 16 and 17 and 31 and 68-year-olds from across the country who have been gunned down over the course of the last several decades. without this body raising a finger to try to make things different. well, it time for those victims' stories to be told. and so as i did last week, i'm going to come down to the
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